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Harvester’s Delicious Sinandomeng

A traditional favorite of the Filipino family. This great every-day, every-occasion rice is so versatile it is used for regular steamed rice, fried rice and congee. Its wide popularity confirms its place among the best varieties that Filipinos love!
– Newly-harvested rice
– Slightly sticky when cooked
– Great everyday, every-occasion rice
– Available in 2-, 5-, 10- and 25-kg packs / sacks

Harvester’s Thai Jasmine

When it comes to taste and texture in rice, hands down, Harvester’s Thai Jasmine Rice is a top choice. The best way to appreciate this wonderful and oh-so-delicious rice is to try it. Warning (albeit a good one): It might become a habit! That’s okay. It’s a good habit!
– Genuine Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice
– Superior all-around taste and texture
– All-around goodness ideal for most rice dishes
– Available in 2-, 5-, 10- and 25-kg packs / sacks

Harvester’s Special Dinorado

Harvester’s Special Dinorado is arguably the best Dinorado in the country. It is proudly local. It is genuine dinorado. It is not sprayed with artificial fragrance to perfume the rice and then passed off as dinorado.
– Genuine, local, special, aromatic rice
– Pure 100% Special Dinorado
– Deliciously sticky when cooked
– Local alternative to Japanese rice
– Good for congee, arroz caldo, and champorado
– Available in 2-, 5-, 10- and 25-kg packs / sacks