Dimax has served canteens and cafeterias in schools and offices. It carries a wide range of food ingredients to ready-to-eat items. Check out our product catalogues focused on what these operations need most.

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The ingredient of choice for any cook. Use it to improve your dishes and be the top choice of your customers.


Consistent quality, flavor, melt and stretch that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Take your pizza, pasta or any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.


Stir the heart like no other ingredient. Cook or bake with chocolates to make your customer


The world’s most popular food – it is versatile, economical, fun to eat, delicious and healthy. Find the best value pasta here.


Fine selection of biscuits – from iconic brands to sweet and rich flavors. Great snacking options for every customer, every lifestyle.


Noodle goodness that captures the flavors and special spices of food your customers simply long for.


A range of drinks that quench every thirst, or simply accompany every dish.


Tissues, towels and other supplies to keep your operations sanitary and safe, simpler and smoother.