We share a common goal with our customers: Increase Sales, Lower Cost. Dimax provides personalized value-add services to our customers. Schedule a visit with a Dimax Food Service Specialist to know about our Smart Solutions.


Time to heat up your sales.
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We offer quality alternative ingredients for your existing dishes – to enhance food taste and increase savings per serving. We will provide product samples and cooking demo if necessary.

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We help you conceptualize and create new offerings for your menu. From brainstorming, cooking demo and food tasting, we can help launch your next winning dish.

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Dimax is committed to developing, supporting and maintaining quality brands and successful branded food service programs. We help you deliver your next best-selling “improved” recipe or offering. On top of branded products, we may throw in additional support for merchandising collaterals and in-store dining promotions

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Want to check out how good our products are? Get product specs, technical bulletins, certificates of analysis and other relevant information. You can even arrange for product testing and cooking demo.

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Lower price per serving without sacrificing quality is our common goal with customers. We help bring down menu costs via alternative ingredients, new product brands, better product yield and food preparation techniques