For over 20 years, Dimax has delivered quality products, excellent service and expertise that our customers need for their successful food operations. Dimax is ready to build your business. After all, for you and Dimax, it is all about GOOD FOOD made EASY and AFFORDABLE.


Dimax was established in 1997 as a family-owned enterprise with 7 employees. It has grown to a strong and dedicated 80-man organization in 20 years. It serves over 1,500 diverse food service institutions in Metro Manila. These includes quick and full service restaurants, hotels, bakeshops and cafes, office and school canteens.
Dimax has become synonymous with quality, efficiency, innovation and customer service. Our dedicated organization is committed to provide our customers with quality products, timely deliveries, competitive pricing and other value-add services from menu matching, recipe development, co-branding, product sampling , and food costing.